Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil announce Founder Institute early deadlines

By April 19, 2020

Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute has announced that April 26th is its early admissions deadline for its chapters in:

Those who apply by the early deadline will receive a discounted rate and an improved chance of acceptance. 

All individuals who are looking to develop technology startups are eligible to apply. The final admissions deadline for its chapter in Vitoria, Brazil is April 26th.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley and based in over 185 cities, Founder Institute helped over 4,000 portfolio companies raise over $950M in funding.

The accelerator enables founders to:

  • Focus on what’s important, using a structured growth process that define next steps and has beeen proven to reduce the time and cost to build a startup. 
  • Make smart decisions, through constant feedback on strategy and progress for the entire lifecycle of businesses from some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and investors. 
  • Develop a global business by leveraging the world’s largest network of startup mentors, founders, and investors.

Individuals who complete the application will be invited to take a predictive admission test that was created by leading social scientists in partnership with Founder Institute.

According to the organization’s CEO Adeo Ressi in an earlier New York Times interview, “The Founder Institute takes people right when they are taking the first steps to launching a business. We help them launch the business and become full-time entrepreneurs.”

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